About Crimson Rook LLC
The sustainability of any business is largely dependant on its ability to consistently deliver winning products or services to the marketplace. This is especially true in small and medium-size businesses where more limited resources and investment dollars create smaller margins of error and exert a higher penalty for failure. In spite of this reality, innovation in most of these companies remains hit-and-miss, marked by the absence of a process which bubbles great and executable ideas to the surface. Also missing is a source of sufficient funding. Good ideas get shelved for lack of money to develop them. This despite the fact that billions of government dollars are available to help companies bring new products and services to market. Employee loyalty also takes a hit in the absence of an effective process of innovation. With no place for good ideas to go, employees just stop trying to generate them.

C-Innovate is a set of tools and processes which level the innovation playing field for the small and medium-size business owner. The C-Innovate helps owners accomplish the following:
  • Facilitate a conversation with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees to develop potentially high-gain ideas for new products or services and enhance stakeholder loyalty.
  • Prioritize ideas by mapping them against corporate strategy, market conditions, and resource requirements
  • Create a set of metrics for each phase of the innovation process
  • Develop and submit a plan to secure government funding for a significant portion of the cost of development
A C-Innovate Advisor works with the owner, management team and other key stakeholders to install the process and tool set. Once implemented, C-Innovate becomes an embedded process of strategic value. No longer do good ideas get shelved or go unnoticed. Ideas are formally tested and measured for success as defined by the company and the market. Opportunities are quantified and developed to successfully secure government funding. The pipeline flows with winning products and services, sustaining not only the company but its extended enterprise of suppliers and customers.